About us

Who are we?

Inden was established in 2016 with the purpose of advanced information solution development in the field of industry and energy. The founders and sole owners of the company are two long-time friends and co-workers from their postdoctoral times at Faculty of Electrotechnics, University of Ljubljana, Andraž Žertek, PhD and Dušan Božič, PhD.

Today, Inden is fast growing company that employs engineers, doctoral-level engineers and masters of science from the fields of electrotechnics, information sciences and logistics which allows for an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Inden is specialized in development, implementation and maintenance of information solutions in industry and energy with the main of focus of increased control, traceability, transparency and digitization of paper processes, with significant focus on using the latest stack of technologies.

Statistics and information:

Education Structure: University Engineer 58%, Doctor of Science 15%, Master of Science 15%, Collage Engineer 12%

Number of Employees 2016: 3, 2017: 7, 2018: 12, 2019: 15, 2020: 17

Areas of Expertise: Electrical and Power Engineering, Computer Sciences and Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Logistics, Statistics.

University Engineer0%

Doctor of Science0%

Master of Science0%

Collage Engineer0%



Andraž Žertek, PhD

Business information systems development and implementation expert.


Dušan Božič, PhD

Domain knowledge in power industry and expert in the field of manufacturing and quality assurance informatization.

Head of Development and Projects

Štefan Kunstelj

Expert for efficient project management and development and implementation of business information systems in industry and energy.

Project Manager

Tadej Šircelj

Expert in quality assurance, application of statistical methods, FMEA, auditor according to IATF 16949 and consultant.

Our measurable results

Production digitization leads to lowering the costs up to
faster characteristic import and ISIR/EMBP (PPAP, VDA) report generating
Performance of completed projects:
of your production in real-time

Our references

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