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The web site has been designed to provide general information about the company and about its products and services.
None of the information about the company, its products and services on the company’s website represents any legal and formal offer of products and services.
The official, legal-formal information about the company, products and services of the company may differ from the data presented on the company’s website.
Inden d.o.o has and shall design its website pages with due diligence to ensure that the information on the site is real, reliable and of high quality. By doing so, the company is not responsible for possible typing errors, delays, and shortcomings in entering up-to-date information.
Part of our site also includes links to the websites that are not part of this site. We are not responsible for the content of these sites.

Authorship rights

The web site is the exclusive property of Inden d.o.o. therefore it is prohibited to misuse any data, pictures, texts and other data that are part of this web site. It is not allowed to copy, distribute or otherwise use any of the abovementioned data without having a permission to do so, granted by Inden d.o.o.

Change of terms

Inden d.o.o. reserves the right to alter the general terms without prior notification. The changes become effective immediately upon publication. Due to these rights, please read the following terms of use and conditions carefully when you visit our Website.

Use of the data transmitted

We undertake that the confidentiality of all personal data received under explicit consent of each individual will be protected in accordance with applicable legislation. We will use the personal data transmitted exclusively for the purpose for which they were obtained.
To find out more about data protection on web site, visit this link.
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