Transmission Capacity Monitoring

The SUMO system enables the determination of the operating system power limit (EES) from the point of view of the permissible current loads of lines and transformers in the time close to the real and near future up to three hours in advance. The main user of this system is the system operator (SO).

The SUMO system combines various sub-clusters, from measurements of water temperatures, atmospheric conditions measurement, estimation and forecasting of atmospheric conditions, forecasting the load of nodes, calculating the load of N and N-1 transformers for current and future state and 3D visualization.

The sublayer NOV-LF-N1 deals with the calculation of the load current and current transformers, the topology of N and N-1, and forecasts, which is a key element in the SUMO system. The subassembly for the calculation and flow forecasts is essential for displaying the values of flows on the N and N-1 topology and transformer transformers.

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