Explosives & Weapons tracking

TTE-Weapons enables a simple but efficient registration and tracing of weapons in the official and military sector.

It can be used in the following areas:

  • Administration of own weapons storage in authorities, e.g. police and military and private companies (resellers, dealers)
  • Easy provision of information
  • Automatic data collection for national weapons register as per EU Directive 2019/68.


  • efficient administration and tracing of weapons
  • meets the organization’s compliance requirements
  • optimization of business processes, documentation and stock administration
  • transparency of weapons life cycle
  • reduction of manual effort and intuitive handling
  • avoidance of human errors
  • global availability of data
  • open for the individual requirements
  • enhances the safety when dealing with weapons
  • handy devices according to highest industrial standards
  • high degree of spreading of the solution guarantees security for the future
  • low setup effort
  • manages access to firearms by using authorization concept

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