Manufacturing Excellence – MES

The all-in-one solution for your manufacturing

InFrame Synapse MES features a unique and powerful set of software components for SMEs

InFrame Synapse MES (Manufacturing Execution System) supports a high bandwidth of manufacturing industries and processes. It provides rich functionalities combined with easy usability in the area of production planning, monitoring, and control for high-tech fabrication sites.


  • Comprehensive set of MES functionalities for different industries
  • Integrated workflow engine to adapt to different business processes
  • Change and release management for all specification data objects
  • Equipment integration can be adapted using user definable workflows
  • Powerful specification management to support all kind of production needs
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA) to enable fast integration with other IT system


The architectural base of InFrame Synapse was specifically designed to cope with:

  • Complex process flows (e.g. semiconductor, photovoltaic, etc.)
  • Different automation degrees (from manual handling to full automation)
  • High performance and high volume data collection
  • 24/7 availability and reliability
  • High scalability
  • Central installation and deployment


With worldwide services, camLine accompanies you to implement the InFrame Synapse MES successfully within shortest time frame into your production lines.

InFrame Synapse MES is highly configurable and customizable so that it can be adapted perfectly to customer requirements. The fully integrated work flow engine allows rapid configuration and implementation of optimally customized and high quality MES solutions. Due to its open service oriented architecture, InFrame Synapse MES can be integrated easily with other IT systems on shop floor or ERP level.

The functionality of InFrame Synapse MES is designed according to current MES standards (e.g. ISA, SEMI), which reflect management and control of product, process and resources in manufacturing as well as manufacturing orders and manufacturing performance. Therefore InFrame Synapse MES includes the “traditional”  software components like Resource Management, Tracking Management, Specification Management, Recipe Management, Fab Monitoring and Reporting. Besides that, a number of advanced MES software components are provided for Skill& Shift Management, Preventive Maintenance and Experiment Management.

A core MES component is Job & Dispatch Management, which controls the manufacturing orders on the shop floor and creates “What’s next” lists for the operators or the automatic handling system. In this respect InFrame Synapse MES provides the flexibility to be used either as MES that actively controls the full process and product flow in a manufacturing line. Or it could be configured  as a “listening MES”, i.e. just tracking and tracing the production flow – a perfect adaptation according to your needs.

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