Audit Management

Relieving the burden of auditing: Organizational skills in audit process.

Conclusive audit management

The planning and execution of audits requires a high level of organization. The costs and efforts involved in documenting and monitoring are dramatically reduced using iqs Audit. All quality processes can be inspected with regard to their compliance and effectiveness. The software ensures consistent, conclusive planning and execution of customer, supplier and internal audits. Via the integrated action management all necessary actions can be easily tracked to ensure completion on schedule. Supplier actions can be opened and edited via the iqs Partner Portal enabling you to see the current status of an action at any time.


  • Flexible definition of audit types such as internal / external system audits, process audits, environmental audits and supplier audits
  • Use of norm-based question catalogues e.g. ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, VDA 6.3 or internal company specific catalogues
  • Addition of individual requirements during the execution of the audit and transfer of new requirements to existing checklists
  • Freely definable evaluation criteria corresponding to audit type
  • Detailed recording of statements with comprehensive cause analysis as well as comparison to the norm requirements
  • Offline-Audit
  • Auditor qualifications can be added per audit type
  • Overview of audits and deadlines with drill-down functionality to individual steps. Actions available in the intranet for direct processing
  • Import / export in Excel e.g. according to VDA 6.3
  • Transfer of audit results in iqs Supplier Rating

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