Complaints Management

Using complaints positively: Systematically avoid repeated failures using iqs RKM.

Quick reaction

Complaints should be quickly and smoothly resolved. iqs Complaints Management (RKM) module enables you to create, edit and track complaints – both internally and externally – for suppliers and customers or within an individual department of an enterprise.

Create Individual workflows

Using iqs RKM you can create corresponding company specific templates for all steps and workflows regarding the processing of customer complaints. Naturally templates are also available for 8D, 4D reports and CAPA.

Direct access via web portal

The internet-based iqs Partner Portal ensures direct and easy communication between all parties. The web portal enables complaints to be processed in a web browser, iqs RKM then creates the complete complaints process with 8D report and goods’ decisions in the internet.

Using existing knowledge

During the processing of complaints you can access the iqs CAQ database. It also automatically references similar failures or repeat failures. Previously used actions can be checked and used again if necessary.

Fast evaluation

The integrated iqs Analysis Center enables multiple analysis of current quality levels. It is clear which complaints, and therefore the resulting actions are currently being processed or are still open. Information can be accessed easily and quickly where weak points, causes and errors lie. By analyzing the appraisal time, actions can be taken to improve the complaints process.

Immediate feedback to planning

Errors and their corresponding actions can be directly transferred into iqs FMEA. New errors are transferred from iqs RKM to iqs FMEA and are immediately updated.


  • Generation supplier and internal complaints, e.g. from goods received/goods out inspections or from the production accompanying inspection
  • Complaint reports according to 8D, 4D and CAPA methodology or individual
  • Processing of customer complaints and version within customer specific reports
  • Freely configurable Workflows for processing complaints
  • Paperless exchange of supplier complaints with automatic import of responses via iqs RKM editor
  • Internal or external complaints dispatch via event mail including all relevant documents such as photos, videos, drawings or reports
  • Error patterns can be directly added to the complaint via smartphone or iqs Photo app
  • Integrated case based reasoning (CBR). Quickly find problem solutions through similarity searches
  • Automatic detection of repeated errors
  • Import of failures and causes directly from iqs FMEA. Transfer of new errors into iqs FMEA by automatically informing the person responsible for the FMEA
  • Ishikawa diagram and 5-why-method for defining the cause and effect
  • Integration of ‘lessons learnt’, Poka Yoke, Yokoten
  • iqs Action Management for the comfortable and all encompassing monitoring of deadlines, completion grades, persons responsible and costs
  • Substantial evaluation with iqs Analysis Center, i.e. Pareto analysis, cost analysis, graphics, filtered work plan and individual assessments
  • The iqs Q-Agent functions as an early warning system and sends information when limits have been exceeded, e.g. number of complaints per business partner. Quality reports can be time-controlled and send information to a defined distribution circle
  • Key process indicators (KPI) – time measuring for individual process steps of the complaint
  • QDX interface for exchanging complaints between different CAQ systems or via exchange platforms such as “SupplyOn – problem solver”
  • iqs Partner Portal for web-based complaints processing between customers and suppliers

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