Document Center

Intelligent management: iqs DC ensures that you are always working with the most up to date documents.

Managing your data

Every company procedure generates new documentation, and the more complex the task or procedure becomes, the more data will be created, not to mention written correspondence, drawings, pictures and videos too. All individual documents must be meaningfully managed, archived and be freely available to retrieve throughout the company. This is the exact process that iqs Document Center (DC) handles with its three building blocks.

Storage and release

Documents are scanned in or imported from Explorer via drag and drop. To facilitate document retrieval, the information context can be defined. Each file goes through a release process where predefined classifications and criteria are set. Employees can then search, view or print the documents via the Intranet viewer.

Document retrieval

Stored data files can be easily retrieved through different search criteria: in tree structure, by name, attribute, context or description, graphical navigation, full text search and similarity searches. This ensures that nothing gets lost.

Read-protected and validity

All printable documents are automatically converted into a PDF-format in the background. This maintains the original document file formats and therefore fulfils the legal requirements for a digital archive. Each document is unique and therefore exists only once in the data storage system – however, by linking documents, the document can be retrieved simultaneously from different folders. Should the document be altered, these changes are automatically visible to all viewers. This process eliminates typical problems regarding different document versions as the document will always be up to date; the saved history of individual versions can also be accessed.


  • Three building blocks for effective document administration, Intranet viewer, storage and release modules
  • Company specific, graphical navigation interface for quick document access
  • Integrated workflow enables efficient release and information process with reminder function for all parties involved
  • Automatic email message to predefined persons or subgroups, flagging up changes within a document folder
  • Search for similar or related documents enables quick access to versions
  • Conversion of documents into PDF-format for storing; retention of original file
  • Easy recovery of documents via different search methods: tree structure, title and keyword search, full-text search, object search, graphical navigation etc.
  • Company-wide, cross-location publication of documents
  • Simultaneous storage of a document in several folders by linking
  • Integrated release function generates and maintains a complete version history
  • Plug-in with stamping function for clear identification of documents, e.g. document releases or recalls
  • Daily accessed documents can be saved to a personal desktop. The documents are directly linked to the relevant process in iqs Quality Center, e.g. complaints or initial sampling inspection report

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