Feasbility Study

Maximum security: Planning quality efficiently in advance.

Highly rated

Efficient advanced quality planning is the first requirement for assuring stable processes and the minimization of failure costs. A tool for this purpose is a feasibility analysis whose creation, management, documentation and processing can be supported with the iqs HBW software module. This clearly increases stability and security in the production of a product.

Before awarding contracts, the basis for the supplier tender or offer will be to identify the main risks, which are then documented in the feasibility analysis. Each characteristic from the technical drawing can be systematically considered using the iqs HBW. Actions can be added to open or incomplete points and tracked via the integrated action management.


  • Creation, management and documentation of feasibility analysis
  • Clear overview of open, feasibility studies as well as those requiring editing or updating
  • Freely definable criteria catalogue – can be transferred to checklist templates
  • Checklists can be adapted to each project and production phase
  • Quick generation of characteristic lists by including CAD Data
  • Synchronization of feasibility studies with drawing changes
  • Direct feasibility analysis for characteristics as well as the determination of control process and test method
  • Each characteristic can be evaluated individually
  • Integrated action management
  • Excel-export for sending to suppliers
  • Document attachment possible

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