Failure prevention made easy. Via the link to the iqs inspection planning and complaints management, the iqs FMEA consistently supports error prevention.

Quality knowledge

Only a current and well maintained failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) is really efficient. Via iqs FMEA you can create and update all product and process FMEAs company-wide. Every entry into this central knowledge memory enlarges the quality know-how. As the iqs FMEA is built upon a database, it offers not only maximum efficiency but is also completely integrated into the CAQ system.

All actions at a glance

The integrated action management enables all defined actions and tasks to be tracked and effectively checked. The resulting outcomes are automatically fed back into the FMEA so that prognosis and reality can be compared.

Simple use of similarities

iqs’ inheritance technique and the reuse of integrated building blocks makes use of similarities of products and components within the modular family. Its task is to ensure that any changes made in one area are automatically transferred to all relevant parts. Compared to the traditional method of making copies or manually inputting data, this technique requires minimum effort.

Causes and effects

The FMEA is the most important tool in preventing production failures. From complaints to manufacturing problems, the iqs Quality Center feeds back into the FMEA ensuring that the error catalogue is always maintained and updated. 8D reports also refer to the FMEA for error and cause description. When new errors occur, the person responsible for the FMEA is automatically informed and the FMEA immediately updated. This ensures the PDCA quality loop is systematically closed.


  • Creation and administration of product and process FMEA as well as those combinations in a hybrid FMEA; norm conform according to VDA, AIAG or freely definable evaluation catalogues
  • Integrated involvement of the iqs FMEA within the iqs CAQ system or as a standalone system
  • Complete CAD data integration
  • Flexible screen configuration for creating individual moderation types and phases
  • Create, maintain and work on FMEAs in different display formats – forms, hyperbolic net or tree
  • Navigation overview in tree structure, system elements and hyperbolic net
  • Simple data entry via auto complete
  • Fast creation and editing of an FMEA for related parts and processes via the iqs inheritance technique and integration and reuse of any number of building blocks
  • Graphic error and functions net
  • iqs FMEA is always up to date: knowledge and errors from production or complaints management will be automatically transferred to the FMEA
  • Identification of repeat errors
  • Common elements and differences of individual products of the same family are immediately recognizable
  • Extensive evaluations for example, Pareto analysis, RPZ masses, error analysis, highlighting critical paths
  • Process orientated error analysis throughout part families
  • Flexible configurable risk matrix with traffic light function
  • Criticality of critical characteristics can be stored for comparison
  • Examination of link elements for products e.g. welded seams
  • Release method with reference to consistency rules
  • Versioning resulting from chronological origin of the documents, automatic version comparison of differences
  • Multiple language data entry including translation help
  • Integrated action management with detection, avoidance and general actions.
  • All actions can be seen via the web application
  • Automatic update of FMEA once actions have been completed
  • Synchronization of FMEA, inspection plan and control plan (integrated production plan) at every stage of editing

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