Good Recived / Goods Dispatched Inspection

Minimizing inspection effort: Use iqs WE/WA and reduce inspection effort by speeding up inspection.

Goods received inspection

Pre-existing quality defects in delivered primary products will influence every stage of the manufacturing process and impact on the overall quality of a finished product. The inspection of quality relevant characteristics during the delivery process considerably reduces this risk. If the delivered product does not correspond to the specifications, this immediately activates a supplier complaint.

Goods dispatched inspection

In order to ensure that your customer receives the required quality, the same methods and techniques used in the goods received area are also available for the final checking process. Using this facility, only products that match the required customer specifications will leave your business.

Minimum inspection effort

Inspect only in circumstances where you expect mistakes to occur. In order to optimize the inspection effort, the control plan defines random samples and dynamic modification procedures. The random samples themselves can be automatically activated through an interface to an ERP or PPS system. All collected data is logged on control cards, which can be made available for graphical or tabular analyses in the iqs Control Center.

Individual supplier assessment

Thanks to the intelligent link up to the iqs Supplier Rating (LIB)module, you can immediately appoint those partners who have been proven to offer high quality and reliability. This knowledge makes it easy to choose a suitable supplier and assures the quality of your product from the outset.


  • Central inspection planning with iqs Inspection Plan/Control Plan (PP/CP)
  • Versioned, inherited inspection notes
  • Random sample planning to standards or a freely definable; process / characteristic basis – based on amounts, suppliers, customers and production facilities as well as factory or inspection location. Furthermore multiple random sample planning can be carried out on user-defined parts
  • Dynamic sampling of inspection severity (skip-lot) against customer complaints
  • Automatic generation of inspection tasks via interface to the ERP and PPS Systems
  • Inspection note graphics, for example photos or videos
  • Characteristics to be inspected are visualized through the CAD data integration
  • Visual and audible display of deviations
  • Inspection equipment filing and link to electronic measuring equipment
  • Cavity based measured value acquisition
  • Graphical and statistical analyses; single values, mean values, s-card
  • Histogram, probability networks
  • Information on the current status of samplings, supplier status, concessions, complaints
  • Activation of complaints via the iqs Complaints Management (RKM) module
  • Links to iqs Supplier Rating (LIB)

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