Inspection Plan and Control Plan

Inspection only where necessary: iqs PP/CP generates inspection plans directly and quickly from the initial sample inspection reports or technical drawings without transcription errors.

Well organized inspections

In order to guarantee product quality, it may be necessary to carry out tests on the entire value added chain – from goods received for the different production steps right up to production exit or goods dispatched. The iqs PP/CP control and inspection planning module facilitates the creation of control and inspection reports for both incoming and outgoing goodsas well as intermediate tests and SPC.

Greater efficiency thanks to drawing integration

Drawing integration within all modules substantially accelerates the process of creating inspection reports. All necessary inspection plan positions will be then directly transferred from the CAD data into the inspection plan. The transfer of characteristics from scanned drawings with the help of optical character recognition (OCR). Inspection plan outlines must neither be separately created nor maintained.


iqs’ inheritance technique simplifies the integration of other building blocks from the product family into the inspection report status.

Reduce inspection costs

Through a close link between iqs PP/CP and iqs FMEA module, each individual inspection will be fully justified. Unnecessary inspections are systematically identified and eliminated thereby concentrating inspection efforts on real requirements resulting in a clear reduction in both costs as well as time savings. Remaining inspections are justifiable both internally or for customers at any time.

Complete documentation

All inspection plans are versioned and completed – an advantage for audits and customer visits. At the press of a button the iqs PP/CP can generate a detailed inspection plan for each product.


  • Central inspection planning in the areas of goods received/goods dispatched, intermediate tests and SPC
  • CAD data integration – automatic creation of inspection plans by clicking directly on characteristics in the drawing and automatic adjustment of inspection plans when alterations have occurred
  • Deviations in inspection plans directly to the iqs Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR)
  • Support of article, process, cavity, tool, and machine related inspections
  • Process and product family inspection plans
  • Simple document maintenance through inheritance and building block technology
  • Random sample plans according to ISO 2859 and ISO 3951, multiple random sample plans and inspection severity dynamic modification
  • Detection of necessary random sample size, e.g. according to AQL
  • Individual check intervals with reference to time, amount and charge
  • Inspection plans supplemented with videos, pictures, specifications and drafts Calculated characteristics
  • Multiple use of characteristics
  • Inspection notes for each characteristic
  • Reduces inspection costs through definition of deputy characteristics
  • When creating an inspection plan from the FMEA, any number of FMEA product characteristics functions with the same cause can be allocated to an inspection characteristic
  • Inspection equipment allocated directly from iqs Inspection Equipment Management (PMV)
  • Link to existing inspection equipment capability studies e.g. from solara.MP from Q-DAS
  • Justified testing through FMEA feedback
  • Synchronization of FMEA, inspection plan and control plan (integrated production plan)
  • Automatic generation of flow charts and inspection severity tables
  • Release and versioning of documents complete with history

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