Intitial Sample Inspection Report / ISIR

A quick and secure path to production release: Used consistently the iqs ISIR offers you an enormous time saving potential – in practice you can create initial sample inspection reports up to 70% faster.

Minimizing delays

The iqs Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) is an efficient computer-aided software solution for the fast, simple creation and evaluation of initial sample inspection reports in both PPAP, VDA and customer specific formats.

Transfer and positioning of set point values

Tolerances and set points are electronically extracted from the drawing and transferred to the ISIR. Simultaneously the program carries out the positioning of the drawing. The laborious time consuming inaccurate process of transferring inspection values is no longer applicable. Data transfer is not dependent on a specific CAD system. Via the optical character recognition (OCR), characteristics can be transferred from scanned documents (.tif, .pdf) into the nominal measurement report.

Measuring equipment

Actual values from associated measuring equipment are directly transferred and assigned to the corresponding inspection report positions. All positions in the ISIR are checked for errors or deviations against the actual values and specifically worked on.

Drawing changes

All drawing changes are automatically docu¬mented and visualized. Without the need for manual comparison, changed characteristics or specific positions can be transferred to the change report.

Three-dimensional comparison

Via the added 3D model you can clearly define the exact alignment of a part in 3D and therefore permit items such as inspection notes to be visually displayed. Customers and suppliers have simultaneously the same view making commu¬nication, for example when defining the basis of measurement in ISIR, faster and more precise.

Faster via web portal

With the ISIR Web all initial sampling processes and data transfers between customer and supplier can now be processed online. The initial sample inspection report (ISIR) is created by the customer online in the ISIR portal so that the supplier can work on it directly via the internet. Thus both customers and suppliers no longer need to have the software installed on their PCs in order to process the initial sample inspection report as all processes and applications are available online via the central web installation.

For further information, visit: ISIR Portal solution


  • Full transfer of set points and tolerances from both the CAD drawing or from scanned documents (.tif, .pdf)
  • Automatic positioning of the drawing
  • Import and processing of 2D and 3D pdf files
  • Read out from tables e.g. points charts
  • Connection to measuring machines and digital measuring equipment with automatic measured values transfer
  • Inter-divisional process optimization via UDF
  • Transfer of 3D models to the measuring machines for offline programming
  • Characteristic link up to 3D model
  • 3D model for measurement comparison between customer and supplier
  • Preliminary process and machine capability interfaces to qs-STAT from Q-DAS
  • Print out of the stamped drawing with position numbers and identifiers
  • Export of the initial sample inspection report in Excel format
  • Sending Initial sample inspection reports together with positioned drawing and all documents per email
  • Editing, administration and display of special measurements
  • Versioned filing and paperless administration. Filing of ISIR documents also possible in SAP / DVS
  • Automatic transfer of the ISIR positions to the iqs Inspection Plan
  • QDX Interface
  • Supplier license (ISIR SL)– The ideal companion to SupplyOn online initial sampling
  • Valid electronic signature is available as an add-on

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