iqs Partner Portal

Professional communication: Integrating suppliers in high quality work

Via the iqs Partner Portal, both customers and suppliers can continuously work on quality processes in a central system. Data is structured and will only be updated once by the person responsible. The progress of quality processes is therefore evident. Tasks and deadlines are clearly allocated and can be centrally tracked. The necessary information and documents are an integral part of the quality activities and are available to all internal and external editors.

iqs Partner Portal supports communication between customer and supplier with the following modules:

Processing complaint

  • Direct online editing of 8D report
  • On schedule responses of suppliers
  • Overview of all open tasks via central action management

Action management

  • Overview of all actions from supplier quality activities
  • Central planning and tracking
  • Task processing with logbook, documents and proof of efficacy

Initial sampling

  • Paperless sampling processing
  • Clear sampling processes
  • Identical characteristics’ descriptions
  • Avoidance of recursions


  • Clear project planning for all people responsible
  • Task with necessary information and documents are visible
  • Project progress and disruptions immediately recognizable


  • Access to audit results and statements
  • Definition of corrective actions by supplier
  • Direct evaluation by auditor

Tool information system

  • Tool monitoring by adjustment of planned and actual output
  • Timely recognition of tool wear and tear
  • Planned and early acquisition of tools as replacements

Supplier analysis

  • Each supplier is aware of its current quality status
  • The evaluation criteria are shown in detail

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