Goal driven inspection. Employees no longer have to work from individual documents as inspection characteristics, inspection notes, work instructions and drawings can be displayed side by side on screen.

Less is more

iqs Statistical Process Control (SPC) provides a basis for production accompanying inspection, process regulation and control as well as intermediate testing. The inspection can be triggered by both current manufacturing process and the inspection order. The optional feedback into the FMEA program optimizes continual inspection. All results obtained can be used not only to assess the current quality situation but additionally they further the knowledge pool of your business. Both the Inspection Plan and Control Plan modules support the control over how your processes are handled.

Recording test data

Graphic references (photos, drawings, videos, PDF documents etc.) support the entry of measured values for characteristics to be inspected and are displayed by the iqs drawing integration. Via electronic measuring equipment the measured values can be recorded automatically. Depending on the responsibilities of the inspector, he/she can independently develop inspection plans and react accordingly to deviations. The measured data is immediately available for all sorts of analyses.

Control center

The control center offers an efficient way of monitoring all production accompanying inspections. As well as planning inspection orders, the control center also evaluates random sample inspections thereby informing the person responsible about the quality of production. Through the comparison of different SPC and attribute charts, production parameters can be optimized and the best machines for a particular tool be chosen. The control center displays the manufacturing structure including the production area, machines as well as tools and assigns the components to corresponding inspection plans. From the inspection plans created by iqs PP/CP, the desired SPC charts are automatically generated and versioned. The necessary employees can be automatically informed via email about events such as control limits being exceeded.


  • Central inspection planning with iqs Inspection Plan/Control Plan (PP/CP)
  • Production and intermediate testing
  • Connection to electronic measuring equipment; integration of measured data from complex measurement and inspection systems and multi positional measurement technologies
  • Control center functionality for machines and hall plans
  • Random sample intervals and sizes for each characteristic to be inspected can be defined separately
  • Traffic lights display the status of sample assessment
  • Overview of current trends during inspection
  • Filing of formulas for calculated characteristics
  • Triggering of complaints and concessions via the occurrence of deviations
  • Comparison of events and actions via FMEA
  • Characteristics to be inspected are visualized through CAD data integration
  • Serial, parallel and free definable measure value input and tabular input
  • Cavity related management of control charts, different types of control charts for both attributive and variable characteristics
  • Tracing of batches, orders and customer specific parameters
  • Automating of the inspection process via interface to an ERP system
  • Extensive analysis and statistics:
    • Machines, tools and cavity related evaluations
    • Probability nets, histograms
    • Batches and order related analysis
    • Surveillance of process capacity; optional interface for qs-STAT from Q-DAS
    • Tracking of measured values above value limit changes
    • Box plot display of value limits
    • Overall order analysis
  • Distinction between machine and tool production
  • Overview of production status. Traffic light status according to random sample, machine, tool or manufacturing area, with drill down functionality to individual inspection steps

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