Warehouse Management – WMS

di:ALog warehouse The innovative warehouse management :manage – control – optimize All processes and data under firm control

Principles di:ALog warehouse manages, controls and optimizes all types of warehouses, from manual to fully automated storages regardless their industry.

Advanced techniques as the rule-based process modelling enable a rapid and easy adaptation of di:ALog warehouse to the particular application case.

di:ALog warehouse is a success model. Thereof bear witness our numerous satisfied national and international customers since 1990.

By means of holistic process analysis, years of experience and highly motivated employers we do not only offer optimal solutions for each storage, but also steady stable partnerships to our customers.

The continual development of our solutions guarantees to our customers to have their warehouse under firm control – nowadays and in future.

Comprehensive solutions from one source

Our scope of supply and services reaches from consultancy and project management and the delivery of small software modules to complete systems, including hardware.

Typical hardware components as identification techniques, mobile data capture devices, label printers or control and automation technologies complete our offer.

Simple integration into the existing system landscape

Universal and flexible standard interfaces enable the easy integration of di:ALog warehouse into a respectively existent system environment.

Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees a consistent high quality of all our solutions and products.

di:ALog warehouse generates transparency, creates order and process reliability

Each goods movement, any individual activity and the total stock development immediately become transparent and comprehensible.

All processes are being monitored, controlled and evaluated.

di:ALog warehouse reduces costs di:ALog warehouse optimizes stocks, improves the capacity of resources and increases the efficiency. Inventory deviations are being reduced drastically.

di:ALog warehouse delivers significant key data

di:ALog warehouse determines figures, which enable to measure and to optimize essential warehousing processes in relation to the economic efficiency, productivity and quality. These include e.g. capacity utilizations of the warehouses, the turnover ratio or the lead time of goods receipt and goods issue.

di:ALog warehouse is flexible and adapts to the needs

No matter whether small business, a globally operating enterprise or a public institution – the simply changeable rule-based process model guarantees a fast adaption to all company sizes.

di:ALog warehouse permits traceability

Traceability is one of the essential requirements of software for the intralogistics. The management and evaluation of any movements and stocks hence takes place in the di:ALog warehouse according to the batch- and serial numbers.

di:ALog warehouse is easy and securely to use

Clear and simple operator guidance, multilingualism at user level as well as multi-tenancy belong to the characteristics of di:ALog warehouse. The access to the program items can individually be defined and understood due to the simply configurable rights and user structure.

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